Participate in a discussion with your classmates regarding theFed’s economic conditions and trends within the Fed’s region whereyou reside. Review the “EYE on Your Life” caption titled, MoneyHolding and Fed Watching, on page 303 in the textbook. Access theU.S. Federal Reserve Website (The Fed), at the Fed’s website, TYPE “Beige Book” in the Search Tool. At thispage, scroll-down to the search results, select FRB: Beige Book,and review the most current “pdf” format report. Discuss andidentity the Fed’s region where you reside, and briefly summarizethe economic conditions and trends within your area. Such as,describing the activity as it relates to, 1) economic activity, 2)consumer spending, 3) construction and real estate activity, 4)manufacturing and transportation, 5) banking and finance, or 6)employment, wages, and prices.