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LDR 531 Week 5 Assignment -Options for Implementing a Leadership

ÿ LDR 531 Week 5 Assignment – Options for Implementing a Leadership Change Assignment:ÿOptions for Implementing a Leadership Change ÿAfter reviewing the Gene One scenario in Week Four on your page, imagine that you and your team members are the siblings of the late Don Ruiz. Everyone in the family (your learning team) has a different opinion about the leadership within Gene One and how that leadership should change to implement a successful IPO. At a family (team) meeting, each member should present an analysis of one of the four remaining members of the executive team. Then, as a team, decide the leadership structure and styles that are best suited to move Gene One into the future and what the end vision of Gene One should be. ÿ Individually, In 1,750 words, APA formatted & referenced, write a change strategy for the company that effectively pairs your selected leadership structure and styles with the team_s end vision for Gene One. ÿ