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LDR 301 Week 3:Learning Team Entrepreneurial Small Business

ÿ LDR 301 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Entrepreneurial Small Business Project Phase I You are an entrepreneur. You have just purchased the Salon D_ Luce business. This includes all of the existing staff, business, and leftover issues. Resources:ÿSalon D_ Luce Scenario and assigned weekly readingsÿReadÿthe Learning Team Scenario for details about this business.ÿCompleteÿPhase I of the Entrepreneurial Small Business Project. Phase II is due in Week Five. Writeÿa 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that completes the following: _ÿ Provide an overview of the key issues for Salon D_ Luce. _ÿ Discuss the communication, time management, and stress management skills you might use as you take over this business and staff. Explain how the previous owner communicated withÿ the staff and public. Identify how you might do things differently, including the following: oÿ Communication skills and strategies specific to working with the staff oÿ Communication skills and strategies specific to working with the public _ÿ Which communication skills are most important and how might they be effective? Consider nonverbal and active listening, for example. _ÿ Because you have taken on such a big venture, what skills might you use to manage and organize your time? Provide specific details about which tasks might take the most time, strategies, and so forth. _ÿ How might you manage your stress? What specific strategies might you use? Why might you use these strategies? _ÿ Identify and explain what other skills you might employ to be an effective and efficient entrepreneur and leader for this business. Keep your personality assessment and entrepreneurial leadership characteristics in mind as you answer these questions. _ÿ Identify a vision for your business. Create a vision statement and two or three goal statements. Remember to address weaknesses to set short term goals, and address the opportunities to set long term goals. _ÿ Identify two or three strategies you might use to communicate your vision for Salon D_ Luce with both stakeholders and employees. ÿ