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ACC 210 Week 1-5 All DQ’s

Week 1 – DQ 1: How does information flow between departments at your organizations?ÿ Why do some organizations continue to use both manual and computerized systems?ÿ What are the problems associated with dependence on human information processing and paper documentation?ÿ Explain your response.ÿ What are the advantages and disadvantages of using real-time versus batch accounting information architecture? Week 1 – DQ 2: What do you foresee for electronic billing and payments in the future?ÿ How safe do you think your organization’s information on the internet?ÿ Why?ÿ How does an employer balance its right to control and monitor e-mail and internet use against the employee’s right to privacy?ÿ What are some of the challenges facing the accounting profession when doing business on the internet? Week 2 – DQ 1: What types of accounting software does your organization use? What are the benefits and limitations of this software? How does XBRL affect financial reporting? Week 2 – DQ 2: What are some of the hardware components of your PC at work?ÿ How are they different from the components of your PC at home?ÿ Besides hardware and software, what aspects of your information systems architecture at work affect the total cost of ownership?ÿ Explain your answer. Week 3 – DQ 1: What are the steps in the systems development life cycle?ÿ Which step is most important?ÿ Why? What are the ramifications of skipping one of the steps? Week 3 – DQ 2: What is the accountant’s rule in the implementation and development of an accounting system?ÿ What can ensure that the system will maximize profitability and fit in seamlessly with the organization? Week 4 – DQ 1: How do primary keys eliminate redundant data between tables and ensure the integrity of the data?ÿ What are some examples of primary keys?ÿ How are they used or applied to data? Week 4 – DQ 2: Consider your previous or current company experience.ÿ How often should a company back up its database?ÿ Should the backups be located on site, off site, or both?ÿ What are the consequences of not backing up data regularly?ÿ What recommendations might you make to a company regarding how to set up its database backup system? Week 5 – DQ 1: Computer crime is a serious issue for any organization from an internal and external standpoint.ÿ Describe, in detail, the steps you might take to limit systems access to your employees. Whey do you think this process might work? Week 5 – DQ 2: Describe, in detail, the steps an organization should take to protect itself from a computer virus or hacker attack.ÿ Is this simply a software issue, or should hardware be considered?ÿ Explain your answers. ÿ